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Airoha Technology, founded in 2001, is a leading Taiwan-based Fabless IC design company that specializes in the design and sale of highly integrated wireless communication devices. It has an extensive IP portfolio and talent, providing its customers with a wide range of high performance, cost efficient RF and mixed-signal IC components and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) SoC solutions. It’s current and future focus is in BLE single and Bluetooth wireless audio system solutions. After becoming a member of MediaTek Group in 2017,
this operational support has allowed it to further provide low-power micro-processor platforms with a wide range of wireless communication technologies, with the aim to connect hundreds of millions of IoT smart devices.

Airoha product lines include cell phone power amplifier (PA), RF T/R switch (T/R Switch), low-noise amplifier (LNA), digital TV and set-top box DVB-S/S2 tuner, Wi-Fi transceiver, Bluetooth low-power SoC, Bluetooth wireless audio system, Wi-Fi IoT single chip, GPS chip, smart devices and wearable system solutions. Airoha products have been widely adopted by the industry, finding service in many mobile phones, digital TVs and set-top boxes, vehicle tracking systems, Bluetooth audio devices, wearable products and various smart home devices.
August, 2001
Headquarters:  Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan
Branch companies:
                        Shenzhen, China
                        Chengdu, China
Branch offices:
                        Taipei, Taiwan
                        Shanghai, China