04 Oct 2022

Press Release

Airoha Technology Kicks off Ultra-Fast Symmetric 8 Gbps Deployments


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Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 4th, 2022 –Taiwan’s premier IC design house Airoha Technology today announced that it had landed the US market with deployments of the world’s fastest XGS-PON broadband networks that ensure symmetric 8 Gbps upload and download speeds with 3ms low latency. Deployed to a number of project areas in collaboration with a US telecom company, the AIROHA IC chips for fiber optical broadband Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) strictly observe standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a symmetric speed of 8 gigabits per second verified by Speedtest®, which is the fastest so far in the real world optical fiber networks, and have set a new benchmark for the introduction of 10G-PON technology amid the world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and thriving developments of digital content market.

A subsidiary of the IC giant MediaTeK, AIROHA has more than 20 years of engineering experience in fixed network with an inclusive product portfolio for fixed broadband aimed to provide interoperability and reliability in a highly heterogeneous and stability-demanding environment. The case has demonstrated AIROHA’s ability in assisting telecom carriers and network operators to deploy high-performance services to the premises of their customers with faster-than-expected pace and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Living up to promised speed in compliance with FCC and verified with Speedtest®

The Federal Infrastructure Investment and Job Act of 2021 requires the federal government of the U.S. to spend $65 billion on broadband access, which has become the industry's biggest focus. To help establish the credibility of the entire industrial ecosystem, the FCC has set rigid regulations for ensuring that the quality of network services will live up to their providers’ promises. In August 2022, AIROHA helped a U.S. telecom operator commercialize the world's first XGS-PON services that achieve a real-world speed of symmetrical 8 Gbps in compliance with FCC regulations. For telecom operators, fiber broadband is not just about providing network speed with stability and reliability, but more essentially, is also about the ability to keep compliance with FCC and earn trust from the broad market.

The most critical and difficult part about the U.S. 8 Gbps XGS-PON deployments is to achieve low latency under 3ms as tested against Speedtest® standards. AIROHA solves this challenge through impeccable software and hardware integration as well as firmware optimization.

Market demands are driving fixed-line broadband to migrate toward fiber

Market demands rising from Work from Home (WFH) trend during the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid developments of content technologies are driving fixed-line broadband operators to migrate to fiber optical cable at an accelerated pace. Innovative applications including 4K and 8K video streaming, AR, VR and Metaverse need high speed data transfer of high-quality video and audio content. Network service providers therefore have been looking into more advanced PON technology of 10G-PON. And, moreover, proposed 25G/50G-PON specifications are looming in the upcoming future.

20 years’ experience in serving over 150 operator clients paved the way to the US market in landing the world’s fastest optical broadband

Based upon 20 years of accumulative experience in deploying broadband services for 150+ operator customers, Airoha Technology had been able to help the US telecom carrier to realize the world’s first symmetric 8 Gbps broadband services in just two years with a two-phase project. During the past two years, AIROHA has rolled out all its expertise in delivering SoC, software and services to gain the trust of the customer. In the first phase, we demonstrated to the customer our muscle in enabling GPON technology, and in the second phase, we made big breakthroughs in 8 Gbps XGS-PON.

AIROHA has a full range of market-leading fiber migration solutions, from xDSL, xPON to 10G-PON. AIROHA is able to provide the compatibility and interoperability needed for broadband services with supports for various exiting devices from different vendors. AIROHA fully understands the pain points telecom operators and network operators would face in PON transformation. In the wave of accelerated fiber migration, we will continue to provide solid & inclusive solutions, and become the most trustworthy & valuable long-term partner for more service providers.

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